Strategic Operations Study

Undertake a holistic and investment analysis and review of the current investment operations performance and facility design to objectively quantify and uncover the areas that are inhibiting better customer service, hospitality and concept profitability. Provide competitive industry “best practice benchmarks” for several performance metrics including facility size, labor, customer service and peak sales throughput, among others. Develop a prioritized “Operations Engineering Strategic Improvement Plan” to drive reductions in capital and operating costs, as well as improvements in customer service and sales capacity. Learn more »
Prototype Facility Design
Develop the operating system and facility platform and investment design, as well as the retail design, for a new prototype that provides a superior investment model, resulting in higher return-on-investment and profitability at the unit level, to support and fuel brand growth.“Right-size” all the “back-of-house” and “front-of-house” resources for current and future menu and sales growth. Learn more »
Retrofit Facility Design & Process Re-Engineering
Develop retrofit designs for the existing locations, to improve customer service and hospitality, increase throughput, sales and labor efficiency, as well as improve the delivery of product quality and consistency.
Re-engineer processes and procedures, labor deployment, equipment platforms and workstations design to eliminate existing production and facility bottlenecks that are inhibiting better customer service and throughput sales capacity. Simplify operating system design to facilitate the execution of the overall customer hospitality experience. Improve existing unit sales capacity and profitability Learn more »
Labor Management
Improve customer service and sales throughput capacity, while reducing labor costs, by developing specific and detailed activity and “work standards” based labor guidelines, that provide the “right labor”, in the “right place”, at the “right time”. Reduce labor cost variability for equivalent sales levels to ensure optimum use of the labor resource by reducing the occurrences of over-staffing (impacting profits), or under-staffing (impacting customer hospitality, service and product quality). Learn more »
Modeling & Computer Simulation
Develop computer models that facilitate objective analysis of strategy and tactical business and design issues, resulting in optimum use of the investment and labor resources.

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Provide organizations Ergonomics and Industrial (Operations) Engineering expertise to support internal project efforts. Become the clients Operations Engineering Department as an extension of their organization, to provide more breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to enhance the impact of internal project efforts, to the brand. Learn more »
Other Services
Menu Development-Develop operating system and platform designs to facilitate menu growth, while delivering optimum product quality and consistency, along with customer service and hospitality.
Retail Design-Develop "Brand Right" retail designs that integrate optimally with the operating platform and system design, to enhance the customer hospitality experience and drive sales.