Profitable Hospitality is the principle of simultaneously impacting profits and customer hospitality, resulting in an optimized investment that delivers a competitive and “differentiable” concept in the market to drive brand growth.
Profitality develops concepts that maximize the value of all the resources, including hourly and management labor, equipment, work stations and overall facility, resulting in maximum return-on-investment.

Profitality applies the principles of Ergonomics, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, to develop “employee centric” and efficient operating platform and investment designs that facilitate consistent execution at the unit level.Our experience spans to nearly 3 decades and to more than 100 concepts, impacting both existing and new unit profitability.

Labor Management - Develop management and hourly labor guides to maximize sales, throughput capacity and customer service, while improving the efficiency or the labor resource and reducing labor costs; “right labor”, in the “right place”, at the “right time”.

New Prototype Facility Design - Develop new prototype designs with an optimal operating platform, and a “right-sized” back-of-house and front-of-house that delivers optimum customer service, sales and unit profitability.

Supply Chain Re-Engineering - Re-engineer food and equipment supply chain to eliminate inefficiencies; reduce product cost, simplify operations, improve product quality and consistency and reduce labor costs.

Process Re-engineering Re-design and simplify processes, to improve labor efficiency, customer service, hourly throughput and product quality.

Existing Facility “Retrofit” Design
– Improve existing operating platform design, to impact customer service, product quality, throughput, and labor cost.

Strategic Operations Study (SOS)
– Define the impact the current design has on the customer experience and the use of all resources and develop “best practices” strategic improvement initiatives that drive “Profitable Hospitality”.

Other Services - Operations Engineering Outsourcing & Training, Consumer Insights, Computer Simulation, Menu Development, Retail Design.

 Areas of Impact:

  • Simplify Operations
  • Increase Sales Throughput
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Improve Product Quality/Consistency
  • Decrease Food Cost
  • Decrease Labor Costs
  • Reduce Facility Size
  • Decrease Capital Costs
  • Decrease Operating Costs
  • Increase Unit Profitability
  • Improve Return-On-Investment
  • Improve Business Model
  • Increase Brand Growth
  • Optimize Investment
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